If you live in Montenegro, and especially if you work at somewhere or own a company in Montenegro, it is important to know the official holidays in order not to interrupt your business. For this reason, we have prepared the 2022 and 2023 holiday tables for you, which show both national holidays when all official institutions and workplaces are closed, and optional holidays (for example, holidays only granted to Muslims during respective religious days):

2022 Holidays Montenegro:

1 JanSaturdayNew Year’s DayNational holiday
2 JanSundayNew Year’s Day HolidayNational holiday
3 JanMondayNew Year’s Day Holiday observedNational holiday
6 JanThursdayOrthodox Christmas EveOptional holiday
7 JanFridayOrthodox Christmas DayOptional holiday
8 JanSaturdayOrthodox Christmas Day HolidayOptional holiday
20.MarSundayMarch EquinoxSeason
15 AprFridayGood FridayOptional holiday
17 AprSundayEaster SundayObservance
18 AprMondayEaster MondayOptional holiday
22 AprFridayOrthodox Good FridayOptional holiday
24 AprSundayOrthodox Easter SundayOptional holiday
25 AprMondayOrthodox Easter MondayOptional holiday
1.MaySundayLabour Day/May DayNational holiday
2.MayMondayLabour Day/May Day HolidayNational holiday
3.MayTuesdayLabour Day/May Day observedNational holiday
3.MayTuesdayRamdan BayramOptional holiday
4.MayWednesdayRamdan Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
5.MayThursdayRamdan Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
21.MaySaturdayIndependence DayNational holiday
22.MaySundayIndependence Day HolidayNational holiday
23.MayMondayIndependence Day Holiday observedNational holiday
21 JunTuesdayJune SolsticeSeason
10 JulSundayKurban Bayram (Tentative Date)Optional holiday
11 JulMondayKurban Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
12 JulTuesdayKurban Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
13 JulWednesdayStatehood DayNational holiday
14 JulThursdayStatehood Day HolidayNational holiday
23 SepFridaySeptember EquinoxSeason
5 OctWednesdayYom KippurOptional holiday
6 OctThursdayYom Kippur HolidayOptional holiday
1 NovTuesdayAll Saint’s DayOptional holiday
21 DecWednesdayDecember SolsticeSeason
24 DecSaturdayChristmas EveOptional holiday
25 DecSundayChristmas DayOptional holiday
26 DecMondayDay After ChristmasOptional holiday
31 DecSaturdayNew Year’s EveObservance

2023 Holidays Montenegro:

1 JanSundayNew Year’s DayNational holiday
2 JanMondayNew Year’s Day HolidayNational holiday
3 JanTuesdayNew Year’s Day observedNational holiday
6 JanFridayOrthodox Christmas EveOptional holiday
7 JanSaturdayOrthodox Christmas DayOptional holiday
8 JanSundayOrthodox Christmas Day HolidayOptional holiday
20.MarMondayMarch EquinoxSeason
7 AprFridayGood FridayOptional holiday
9 AprSundayEaster SundayObservance
10 AprMondayEaster MondayOptional holiday
14 AprFridayOrthodox Good FridayOptional holiday
16 AprSundayOrthodox Easter SundayOptional holiday
17 AprMondayOrthodox Easter MondayOptional holiday
22 AprSaturdayRamdan BayramOptional holiday
23 AprSundayRamdan Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
24 AprMondayRamdan Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
1.MayMondayLabour Day/May DayNational holiday
2.MayTuesdayLabour Day/May Day HolidayNational holiday
21.MaySundayIndependence DayNational holiday
22.MayMondayIndependence Day HolidayNational holiday
23.MayTuesdayIndependence Day observedNational holiday
21 JunWednesdayJune SolsticeSeason
29 JunThursdayKurban Bayram (Tentative Date)Optional holiday
30 JunFridayKurban Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
1 JulSaturdayKurban Bayram HolidayOptional holiday
13 JulThursdayStatehood DayNational holiday
14 JulFridayStatehood Day HolidayNational holiday
23 SepSaturdaySeptember EquinoxSeason
25 SepMondayYom KippurOptional holiday
26 SepTuesdayYom Kippur HolidayOptional holiday
1 NovWednesdayAll Saint’s DayOptional holiday
22 DecFridayDecember SolsticeSeason
24 DecSundayChristmas EveOptional holiday
25 DecMondayChristmas DayOptional holiday
26 DecTuesdayDay After ChristmasOptional holiday
31 DecSundayNew Year’s EveObservance