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What is Tax Management/Consultancy? Why You Should Get Tax Management in Montenegro?

 In general, tax advisors specialize in tax law, planning and compliance. They serve to both businesses and individuals by staying up-to-date on the ever-updated tax code and positioning taxpayers for short- and long-term tax optimization. A tax advisor offers you more than calculating and paying taxes. When preparing tax returns, tax advisers often work closely with customers throughout the year to ensure that customers’ tax liability is minimized. Tax advisers should not be considered redundant, claiming that the framework already proposes through a certain tax legislation. At the end of the day, the tax advisor can offer you a tax formula that saves you a lot of money. 

What does a tax advisor do? 

Montenegro Experts know all about the regulations that businesses and individuals must comply with in Montenegro when declaring their taxes.Some of the specialties of Montenegro Experts team include:

  • Collection, arrangement and preparation of tax documents and declarations. 
  • Evaluation of the customer’s financial and legal conditions to determine tax obligations. 
  • Assisting clients with tax issues during and after an important transition of life, such as marriage, divorce, death of a spouse or the birth of a child
  • Completing complex tax forms and procedures that most tax experts are unfamiliar with. 
  • Represent a client in relations with the Montenegrin Commercial Court or other tax collection institutions

What is the difference between accountants and tax advisors?

In general, the tax advisor is a professional trained in tax laws. If you want to get any legal tax advice from a tax advisor, that person must be a general practitioner or run a tax advisory firm on tax-related matters. The accountant is a more general, all-encompassing term. An accountant can be a tax advisor, but it is not mandatory. Not all accountants do tax advice. Some accountants do things like prepare a financial statement, reconcile, budget, etc.

Top 5 reasons to have a tax advisor:

1) Know all your tax deductions in advance– A tax advisor can easily identify and support you throughout the year and advise you on how to make strategic decisions for year-end deductions. A skilled and experienced tax adviser can suggest effective ways to save taxes without getting into trouble with government agencies or complicating your finances. For example, a tax adviser can find significant deductions or tax benefits that you may have missed and help you save hundreds or even thousands of euros in exchange for a relatively small effort.

2) Save time – It can take up to 8 hours with Montenegro Experts expertise, while it can take days to compile your taxes before filing, index records, analyze losses and overhaul all your receipts.

3) Ongoing Consulting – When you start a company with Montenegro Experts, you can accept us as your tax advisor even if you do not officially have an advisor. In this way, you will be able to constantly request updates or recommendations when you need them.

4) It is always safe and legal – call our experts immediately if in doubt. It’s always safe and legal to work with a tax advisor to keep your tax records under control

5) Tax Advisors or Accountants? – Accountants’ tax consultancy has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unfortunately, accountants can’t replace a professionally trained tax adviser. It cannot recognize you and your finances on a personal level to ensure that you benefit from all possible deductions and loans. They also can’t give you peace of mind that your taxes are being transferred correctly. A tax adviser can offer all this and more. Depending on the specific tax situations your business has, we can provide enhanced tax and accounting support, help you pay estimated taxes, prepare your annual tax return, or give specific advice on filling out your forms. We can also assist you with changes in relation to audits, appeals or collection issues and defend your interests against Montenegrin authorities. We will ensure that all necessary actions related to your tax obligations in Montenegro are followed up and that your interests are represented in the best possible way at Montenegrin Commercial Court and local tax authorities.